Monday, April 27, 2009

an eVening wiF kiDs eveNing wif them(a.Long,yaya n fateha)....

locatiOn : tMn empnGan Putrajaya
Time : 5-630 pm

sukernyer adik ku nie!

merenung ms depan!

luv u guyz!


tgk fateha,tak terangkat pon kaki!haha!

beruk man!

-only me-

Thursday, April 23, 2009

26 JuLY 2009?

My Man!

Liverpool Football Club have confirmed they will play two games in South-East Asia this summer as part of their preparations for the 2009-10 season.

In a tour promoted by Strategic Sports Investment, part of the Profitable Group, Rafael Benitez's men will face the Thailand national team in Bangkok on July 22 before flying to Singapore to take on the national team on July 26.

It will be the first time the Reds have visited Thailand since 2003, while their last trip to Singapore was in 2001.

Manager Rafael Benitez said: "We have a fantastic group of fans in both Thailand and Singapore and it will be great to take the lads out there again."

Ian Ayre, Liverpool FC Commercial Director, commented: "South East
Asia is clearly a key region for Liverpool FC. As we continue to develop our international plans, being able to allow fans all over the world to see the team live is paramount. We have already had very positive feedback from our supporters clubs in the region and the club will be working closely with them, our sponsors and other local partners to ensure this is an exciting and memorable tour."

Former Liverpool star Steve McMahon, Profitable Group's Commercial
Director, added: "It is fantastic news that we are able to bring one of the best club sides in the world to Thailand and Singapore. It will give a real opportunity for Liverpool fans in the South East Asian region a chance to see their heroes play up close.

The General Secretary of the Football Association of Singapore, Winston Lee commented: "We are very pleased to welcome Liverpool back to Singapore.
Many Singapore football fans are also fans of English football and they will look forward to this opportunity to catch one of the top club sides in the world in action against their very own local football stars right here in our country.
Inviting teams such as Liverpool as well as Brazil and Australia last year is part of our continued efforts to bring top class football action to our shores.

It will not only be a great experience for our fans but our players will get exposure to world-class teams and players."(y Malaysia can't accept their visit here?izzit aLL becoz Of CAlSberG??)

Summer tour timetable:

22nd July 2009
Thailand National Team v Liverpool Football Club Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok
8.00pm Kick Off (local time)

26th July 2009
Singapore National Team v Liverpool Football Club National Stadium, Singapore
7.00pm Kick Off (local time)

(i wiLL attend dis!!oH my cant wait anymore!)

Officials from Liverpool FC, including Ian Ayre, the club's Commercial Director, will be in Asia to officially announce the Tour in the respective countries in the middle of May 2009.

Ticket information and the tour schedule will be released at these press conferences.(cepatlah i dah tak sabar nak beLi ticket nieh!)

Owh,dis is jUst Like a Dream cOme true...even @Sg i sTill feel they r to clOse To me!!!YNWA~ just wait my man!i will attend myseLf @National stadium SG 2 c guys infront of me..yiiihAA!!

p/s : tQ adekKu Nuraz 4 da info @1st!kaksyco kamu xcited bgt sudeh nie..hehe!

-only me-

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get weLL sOOoooOOn!

2 My beLoved fwenz KarLreeF!get weLL sOOOn ya syg!

pada rakan2 yg nak lawat Karl:
dier br jer lepas Operation n semua dah ok.. nak tau dier sakit aper?..
better u'LL g sendiri lawat k

di TDMC(tmn Desa Medical Center),
Jln Klang lama

Tingkat 2 Bilik 231

-only me-

MeLaka N roTi TerbaNg

4 sekawan ke Melaka

sanGGup diriku ini memFree2kan Diri kerna hajat seorang teman nak Belanja roTi canai terbang n iKan bKr Umbai...merasa lah kan 2-2 sekali gus! semaLam i g bertOlak 4rom umh 6pm cpai di ayer Keroh lam 720pm

SeaFOOd tiMe!ikan Bkr!

budak tahan lapa!

ada g..pic ikan,Udang,lala...tak Buh

LooK @ dis Brother...How fantastic he is!wow!

nampak tak roti ngah terbang tue?cari2!

wow!hebat kan???u'll kena g try!

-only me-


5 cake in 5 celebration!wow! same with mY age if 5x5 izzit???
Tq aLL!Luv ya so So mUch! u Guyz Rawk!

4th one(tq Kuza n Kak in!)

5tH one(Tq Zf Fwenz!)

p/s : yang penting...suma cake chOcOlate!yumy2!
-only me-

Thursday, April 16, 2009

AnOder Year..adDed!

my 1st cake@ 5th apriL(tq nura,rin,janzs,is,baby!)

surprise dinner!

cute cake cam 5tahun je rasa!

da Gift

Tq abah!akak terkejut sGt!kena panggil naik stage tue...even malU!haha!i will never 4get it!
so sweeeeeeeeetttttttt!meja cake..stage cake lagik!hooray!i luv u so much!
thanx tuk adek2 akak gak..syg korang cpai mati!too kak asz,kak dura n GG also!tq!

-only me-

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


GooDbye UEFA....!
Reina y?y?....:(
they try so haRd..But u waste It!!
2 Benitez..u sTupid when u gt Machi Out!
i Hate u 4 dis Game!..

-only me-

Saturday, April 11, 2009

waRm up!

WarM uP..beFore 2nd gaMe QF UEFA @ sTamFord BriGdE....
WeLL....CheLsea, u Guyz BetteR waTch UP!!!ok!!!
Our sPirit dat we haD toDay wiLL Bring Der aLong...

TQ 4 dis FantastiC game guyz..u Guyz..RAWK!!

2 by TorreS
1 by AgGer
1 by NGoG

Gud Luck Guyz!!!!!i Love LiverPooL!!!

-only me-

~SaD~ xOxO!

When will it end Will i ever stop crying
Tears come like a flood that's never goin to dry up.
The rooms empty, all except for me.
Will i ever know why

I fall asleep crying at night.
Just the feeling of being alone makes me shudder.
A constant war goin on in my body,
everyday, every second.
When will it end. Feelings take over my body like i have no control.
First i'm happy, then I'm sad, I just keep drifting into space.
I don't mean to sound desperate, but will someone please tell me when my tears will dry.
When will it end

y am i so sad....?
i dunt kno y.....

-only me-

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quarter-Final Preparation

2.45 am (esPn-812)

Gud Luck 2 aLL my man..You'LL neVer waLk aLoNe!yeah!



we need sumtin 4rom u torres!
-only me-

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

taGGed aGain!

diTAG lagik!

dis time en fUUuuyooo kiter yg tag i! MR WAN

Last phone call –my dad(gerak suh bgn p pasar)
Last text message –dyna(terpikir2 sesama)
Last time you cried –last week i think when missin my mom so much!


Dated someone twice - no
Been cheated – yup, n tiLL now i ingat ok!
Kissed someone & regretted it – huhuhu...
Lost someone special – my mOm n my grangpa


Fallen out of love - maybe...
Laughed until you cried – selalu jew
Met someone who changed your life – hurm...yup!totally im changed been sumone else!but nw i be myself back!
Found out someone was talking about you – Not yet!ada meh?
How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? – many!
How many kids do you want to have – enuf 2 or 3..
Do u have any pets – yup2!yuna&yuni
Do you want to change your name – nOe..i luv people callin me erien,kakak,syco!
What time did you wake up today - hurm..7am,after my dad mk wake up calld
What were you doing at midnight last night – midnyt...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Name something you cannot wait for – buang air besar!hahhaha!
Last time you saw your father – last nyt,b4 keja dtg kedai collect duit.huhu!
What's one thing you wish you could change – been riCh!heh!
What's getting on your nerves right now – nerves coz i had thyroid..but dunt kno y am i nerves!
Elementary/Primary School – sek ren keb sri indra,perlis
Middle/Secondary School – sek Men keb syed hassan & sek men keb putrajaya1
Hair color –bLack
Long or short – middle!


Kissed a stranger – lallalaalallala.........
Lost glasses/contacts – noe..
Ran away from home – yup..biler kecik2 merajuk ngan mak, lari naik basikal..pergi ptg malam dah mai lik!hahahhaa!
Broken someone's heart – wait2...hurm...hurm...maybe?
Been arrested – noe
Cried when someone died – yup..(my mOm n my granpa)


Is there one person you want to be with right now? – hurm....can i answer it my bebear?hiks!
Do you believe in God? – i believe in ALLAH s.w.t

itu jer??huhu!i want More!more!hiks!

-only me-

Friday, April 3, 2009

BaLi~ part 2

nice lor

ashe keys!

murah2!5000rp only


da only sunset semPat i snap

-only me-

Thursday, April 2, 2009


BaLi......4 hari disana padat SgT..masih bYk tpt2 yg belom dapat diterokai..tak Puas Ok!!!!
sajer2 nak rate kan benda2 di bwh nie ;

1.Food : 3/5 starz
2.Places : 4/5 starz (tanah Lot,guNung berapi,Kuta,danau)
3.HoteLz : 4/5 starz
4.Nyt LiFe : 4.5/5 starz
5.Beaches : 4/5 starz
6.cuci mata : 5/5 starz!!hahaha!

few pic i Put here sekadar tuK tontOnan UmuM..

waVe@tanah Lot

makcik ini ngah gorEng KOPI!

da Only Mosque i c


want sum mOre?huhu...leT me Noe!
-only me-


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