Wednesday, January 27, 2010


bad bad performance...i think better Rafa's maintain the player like Vs spurs b4...with 2 or 3 replacement...which is Lucas(i give O mark 4 him tonight!) better put on the bench replace by Aquaman..with Gerard in attacking midfield n Maxi on right while Kuyt as a striker..if Not,maybe someone can score..Y Rafa?y sometimes u r so so...stupid!what r u thinking??wer u put ur mind!r u Out of iT??oUh suX!we need 2 win!no draw or lose anymore!pLz!!!also,we still have gOOd talented young player like pacheco..still can use him..
coM on Reds...wake Up!

Wolves 0-0 LIVERpoOL


Thursday, January 21, 2010

2-0 Liv vs Spurs

i knoe My man can do it!they proved it!never walk alone....the fanz r fantastic!@Anfield or evrywer in the world....this is the Real REDS...!
& afraid of the dark...WALK ON..WALK ON..WITH HOPE IN UR HEART!

i think Aquaman showed us his skill more last game..his better in that position..carra u my man!reina...i luv yah!KUyt!!bravOOOo!!!2 4rom u..we really need that!Tq Man!

hope after this..

Nex game : WoLves vs LiverpoOL


Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Macau+HK in pictureS~


Our suite@The Venetian

while waiting da tren to monG kok

Ladies marKet@HK

view 4rom The Venetian

Macau tOwn

what a tired Vacation..evry each step rushing mengejar masa!hahaa!like amazing race!tired but im so happy with this vacation..Giler best!
i luv Macau More then HK..maybe Macau more xclusive n not busy as HK town KowLOOn..i wish to go there 2nd time..same season..WinTER time!
Macau is like Las Vegas China version..Casinoz is evrywer..evry Hotelz n!
(ptt ler cina giler Judi!)hurm..Macau Buildingnyer..sgt european style..i likee....!verangan ala2 berada di venice sgt!trutama biler stay kat The Venetian tue..Best OK!
shOpping time2 winter nie tak best coz baju sumer stock winternyer baju..n sale tak sehebat bulan2 lain...lot of thing yg i tak beli..becoz tak byk choice mahal(di HK bukan Macau).. juga coz of perangai buruk cina2 tukang Jual brg tue..isk!trus tukar plan B..which is..snapping2!lagI best kut..huhu~Thanx to kak sha yg bwk i jalan2...hapy sgt travel ngan U..!so nex is LOndoN ryt?yeah!

p/s : lepas nie bwk duit byk2 turun casino..hahaha!kidding!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


happy kan memasing

never waLk aLOne~

happynyer kiki !

Ladies! usual..celebration will happen after 1,or 2 month after the day..haha..but still go on ryt?never forget,..i luv both of u....hapy bufday kiki!mmuah..simple..but still lot of loveness 4rom me n dyna..frenz 4ever..Ok nex is Dyna's bufday..along prepare..i dah ader port!baik punya!

p/s : hadiah postpone...kui3!

my lalinks kiki&dyna

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Nex Trip Macau&HongKong..many people told me that HongKong is another place where we can Njoy sHopping!hahaha...i More..n Spent Money there!yippie!but so Sad heard that our Activity to Disneyland goin 2 cancel..uwaaa...!=( No luck.maybe nex time..!i will share my Pic when back here...haPPy holidayz eRienz!

-casinos?= maybe...haha
-shOpping?=must must!
-site seeing?=must be great2 vacation!

p/s : need 2 buy coat..


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