Wednesday, June 15, 2011


oK as i promised b4 ill post anything...ryt?hurm...last April dream to go to the place i love to the Seoul,South Korea came true...!Oh yes..!!so lucky i got change follow the tour for 5dayz 4 nites to the beautiful Korea.....will come part 1&2 later i will story from day 1 i arrived To Incheon Airport till last day der....what can i Conclude here is South Korea is so Beautiful,romantic,nicest,Peace country....i loove SEOUL so much n will come back one day later sure!...n big thanx To Kembara Riadah MR.Haji am so happy follow u guyz...MR Haji u simply the best ok..!Nex ill follow ur Tour to Beijing ...!so syiok!

 @winter sonata place Nami Island

 p/s : Hyun Bin i love u...oppa forever my luv

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